Delivery Service Rate

Our flat rate covers a pickup, wash-dry-fold and delivery. Our standard rate also includes; detergent and fabric softener. We use Tide Total Care, Tide Free & Clear, Gain, Dreft or Seventh Generation.

15lb minimum.


$1.85/ lb

Stain Treatment

​We spray items with stain treatment, scrub, soak, then wash.



$2.00/ item




This service is designed for Clients who need laundry done right away. The Freshy Fresh will process your laundry ahead of all current clients. Sometimes in 6 hours or less. This service is based on availability.


$3.00/ lb

Drop Off Service Rate

Our flat rate covers wash-dry-fold and package. Client will drop off and pick up their laundry. Our standard rate also includes; detergent and fabric softener. We use Tide Total Care or Tide Free & Clear. 15lb minimum.


$1.50/ lb

Natural Detergent

Free of dyes & synthetic fragrances and uses only plant based materials. We use Seventh Generation Unscented, and Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender scent. 


.05¢/ lb

Outside Service Area

If you are outside our service area, we charge a flat fee, plus weight.

Check our Service Map.

30 lb minimum.


$10.00 Flat Fee



Dry Cleaning

Fold Only Service Rate

The Freshy Fresh Culture

Our fold only rate covers a pickup-fold-delivery. Clients items are already clean.

20lb minimum.


$1.00/ lb


Hang Dry Items .15¢/ hanger (or use own hangers for free)

We will pickup your dry clean items, and deliver back to your door step. Ironing services are also considered under dry cleaning. The turn around for this service is typically 5 days. Items must be clearly separated from laundry.


$5.00 Delivery Fee


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The Freshy Fresh can handle the biggest, toughest laundry jobs and our Commercial Clients enjoy the exclusive benefit of Ozone Cleaning Technology. Our rates are competitive and we can tailor a laundry plan for your specific business needs.


Call for more info & free estimate. We price match!

Down Comforters;

$6.00 + weight


Sleeping Bags;        

$5.00 + weight


Comforters, Heavy Linens;  

$5.00 + weight


Pet Beds and Pillows;              

$5.00 + weight


Rug and/or Carpets;

$5.00 + weight



1 small basket of laundry weights about 10 pounds.

Please empty your pockets before placing an order.

Let our staff know if you have any allergies to detergents. We offer Hypo-Allergenic soaps free of charge.

Using your own basket or recyclable bag is kind to the Earth.







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